Christine is a photographer and retouch artist based in the Greater Boston area. She achieved a degree in professional photographic illustration with a minor in applied imaging systems at the Rochester Institute of Technology and still considers Rochester a second home, regardless of the infamous weather. She spends her free time gardening, hiking, and exploring new scenery, and has had the pleasure of shooting in such places as New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, and Greece. She is also an avid enthusiast and photographer of exotic reptiles and amphibians.


Christine Damato is available for hire to complete a range of creative assignments such as:

  • Photographer for websites, advertisements, etc.
  • Post production and culling
  • Retouching digital images
  • Restoration of stained or torn photographs
  • Digitization and enlargement of photographs
  • Photoshop lessons or troubleshooting
  • Consulting for computer and photography equipment purchases
  • Location Scouting
  • Pet portraits
  • Assistance and digital teching for photography shoots on location or in studio

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